Max Powa

Max Powa

Coming from a small town in upper Austria, Max was originally a jungle dj, playing home made dubplates alongside his crew WEA Sound at clubs in Linz, Salzburg, and Vienna . A couple years later Max started producing. Instead of jungle, however, it was dub and dubstep that caught Max’s ear. The next three years saw a gradual complete dub takeover in his productions, culminating in 2009, when he moved to Barcelona and co-founded JingBong Ting with Jacky Murda. During 2010 production started on the debut album to be released in 2011. JingBong Ting’s first release “DEB Tribute EP”, was released on Argon’s sister label, WAR records, in late 2010. April 2011 sees their second release “Sundown” featuring Top Cat on Jacky’s imprint Little Island Records. Watch out for Max’s upcoming releases on Little Island, King Sound, on Moonshine Records.You can catch Max Powa DJing in Spain and Austria, and performing live all around Europe with JingBong Ting.



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